How I'm dressed
 photo DSC_0019_zpsa79e2f7c.jpg
Uniqlo pants, Brandy&Melville crop top, Zara wedges

I am so excited to go to Asia in four months just so I can go to uniqlo and buy more of these pants...

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 photo DSC_0029_zpsc82aa3d3.jpg

I am also the dark-hued vampire beside my always cheerful housemate:
 photo DSC_0009_zps8cb319f4.jpg

buuuuuuuttttt, that's why we're housemates

One month ago:
I could still use teenager as a valid excuse
and the concept of real life was foreign to me (but it still is)

I don't look, act, or feel twenty (in my opinion) but I expect my 20s to be the best and worst times of my life, kind of how being 19 was, except amplified

...I realize this blog is becoming more like a personal blog as opposed to a style blog... I need less quarter life revelations and more inspiration

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Anonymous said...

personal blogs > style blogs is sometimes a good thing